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“At DX3, we believe that your success relies on three core values:
Determination, Dedication & Discipline”

– Mike, Head Personal Trainer

Premium Personal Training

No matter your age, fitness level or experience – A personal trainer will develop a tailored exercise program just for you to reach your personal health and fitness goals. 

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Group Personal Training

Love working out with a group of likeminded individuals and crave a mixture of indoor and outdoor training? Our group sessions are perfect for losing weight or building strength.

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Other Services

At DX3, we are more than just a personal and group training studio. Our personal trainers offer a range of other services including Challenges, Retreats and Nutrition!

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Check out what it’s like inside the DX3 Community

Whether your goals are weight loss, reducing body fat, resistance training, weight training / gym workouts or creating a customised training program – our group or face to face training sessions are designed to help you achieve your fitness goals. Book a complimentary personal training session with one of our personal trainers.

“The classes are addictive that keep you coming back for more and definitely give you results. Mike and Camelia really care about their clients and are very inspirational. Great music, friends and lots of fun.”

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can a personal trainer help?

Our personal trainers can help you reach your goals and ideal fitness levels while also providing lifestyle advice to keep your momentum going and create a better you. They can help by providing a custom tailored training program to your match body and your personal needs, while also keeping track of your results and progress.

Personal training is all about having an expert on your team dedicated exclusively to your improvement and to help hold you accountable for your diet and exercise habits.

What services are on offer?

Our fitness studio offers a variety of services to help lose body fat and increase muscle mass. We’re passionate about your health and wellness, and provide training sessions and group activities to help reach your true potential.

As Hawthorn’s best private personal training studio, we offer progress tracking, nutrition consulting and fitness retreats to fast-track your progress. There’s a reason why clients all across Melbourne train with DX3.

Why use a personal training studio?

Unlike a gym, a personal training studio is a more intimate and social experience which can allow you to make friends with similar goals while utilising professionals that can improve your form and technique.

Our Hawthorn personal trainers have the following advice – you have to consider the expert staff and advice you receive, as opposed to a normal gym where you won’t get that extra support and attention in each session.

A membership at a personal training studio allows you to focus on you and your training program.

Why choose DX3 Lifestyle Fitness?

Mike is Melbourne’s leading personal trainer and is the heart and soul of DX3. With a wealth of experience and countless happy clients, you’re in the best hands every time you step in the door.

Looking for a personal trainer? Get in touch at 0410 594 982 for a free consultation and join a community of motivated members today.

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