“ If you want results, go see these guys ”

The majestic crew at DX3 Lifestyle Fitness are totally awesome and helped me achieve my personal fitness goals! Not only that, but the information I gained from their guidance has continued to help me maintain the results through determination, dedication and discipline.

— Rohin Barker

“ The team at DX3 made it all so easy and enjoyable “

As someone who never felt comfortable going to the gym, Mike, Camelia and the team at DX3 made it all so easy and enjoyable. You can tell that they really care about their clients and the results speak for themselves. Through their excellent training sessions and helpful and easy-to-follow advice, I lost over 10kgs in their summer 8 week challenge. Not only that, but I’ve been able to keep it off in the months that followed because the team at DX3 don’t just help you to train, but give you the information and tools you need to understand your body and live a healthier lifestyle. I couldn’t recommend them more highly!

— Nicholas Leggatt

Bringing the truth, integrity and result based training to people of any age!!

— Jai O’Flaherty

“ Helping everyone reach their goals ”

The DX3 lifestyle fitness crew are the most supportive, inspiring people I know. They guide and support, giving great assistance in helping everyone reach their goals. I love that they will participate in big organised runs with clients, so inspiring and team orientated.

— Sarah Linssen

“ Great music, friends and lots of fun”

The classes are addictive that keep you coming back for more and definitely give you results. Mike and Camelia really care about their clients and are very inspirational. Great music, friends and lots of fun.

— Jade Lew

They have motivated me to achieve goals I never thought I could possibly reach.

– Andre A

“Mike and Camelia are there to help you achieve your goals”

I just want to take this opportunity to thank the DX3 Team for all the hard work and effort that they have put into helping me achieve my fitness goals.

Mike has made my sessions interesting by varying the training by working indoors at the gym but also doing outdoor training such as running, boxing and skipping. Before I met Mike, I couldn’t run at all, but he has helped me focus on the end result, which was to drop my weight to 56kilos.

He has motivated me to get up every day and be accountable to him not just with the exercise but with the different way of eating, by following a clean nutrition plan.

Before long I was up on stage competing in a body sculpting competition. Who would have thought?

I would highly recommend the DX3 team to anyone who is thinking on changing their lifestyle. From getting fit to losing weight, or even to just have a great mentor, Mike and Camelia are there to help you achieve your goals.

— Sussan G.

“I am now setting more challenging goals”

I have been part of the DX3 team for the past 2 years and really enjoy the group and personal training services on offer. The level of service and knowledge on fitness and nutrition is excellent, coupled with Mike and Camelia’s personable nature, good humour, high level of support and motivation you can’t but achieve your fitness goals and continue to set new ones.

As part of the DX3 team I have set out and achieved fitness and nutrition goals that I never thought I was capable of. For someone who has always been involved in fitness, I never really did see any improvements. Looking back I know now that was due to inconsistency and some bad eating habits. The team at DX3 through their experience and true understanding of nutrition helped me identify what needed to change. They provided me with the right eating plans and training schedules but more importantly they provided me with daily motivation and support that eventuated in me finally reaching my goals. I am now setting more challenging goals but know with the support of Mike and Camelia that I will reach them…

Thank you DX3 team!

– Karen