Advice on Hiring a Good Personal Trainer

Here at DX3 Personal Training the most important piece of advice we can give you when choosing a personal trainer – is to trust your gut. On top of someone who is knowledgeable and experienced, you should find someone who works well for you.

You will know you’ve found the right personal trainer when they can encourage you to reach your goals, motivate you, as well as ensure you’re comfortable and inspired throughout your entire fitness journey.

A major step in one’s fitness journey is hiring a professional personal trainer to assist in the achievement of your health and wellbeing goals. A personal trainer can help in a multitude of ways, not just in the assistance of weekly workouts. Your trainer plays a significant role in pushing you to utilise the gym to its fullest potential, and they can help you prevent injuries and ensure that your results are consistent.

However, it is important to understand that not all personal trainers will be a good investment for you; if you choose just anyone, you might end up throwing money away for no progress. It may be difficult to spot the difference, but rest assured that the right trainer will help you set smaller goals that match your larger goal.

A critical step in choosing a personal trainer is to do your research. They’re called personal trainers for a reason: they’re there to work with you, to achieve your goals. It does not take long to determine whether a trainer will work for you, and if you find the right one, you will create a strong bond that will make your fitness journey easier and more engaging.

When researching personal trainers, be sure to consider the following:


One of the most important factors in choosing a personal trainer is ensuring they can provide you with a fitness certification for their specialisation. In Australia, you are required to complete a Certificate IV in Fitness or work alongside a personal trainer to gain experience with a Diploma of Fitness or a degree in exercise science or human movement. 

Why is this important? Professional credentials will ensure that your personal trainer meets standards of professionalism and competence that are important in health and fitness.


Experience is always a crucial factor when hiring anyone; hiring an experienced personal trainer will ensure that their processes and practices have been tested and perfected, providing an exceptional and professional environment for you to achieve your goals. 

You may want to save some money with a newly certified trainer, but sometimes it is best to pay for the experience that may help you achieve better results over time.  


Everyone is different in regard to how they are motivated to exercise, so it is important that the personal trainer you choose matches your personality. If you work well with positive reinforcement, you probably don’t want a personal trainer who will scream at you to do more reps and visa versa. To figure out their personality, just talk to them and go with your gut. You can also read our article: The 4 Best Qualities of a Personal Trainer for what to look for.


A personal trainer’s philosophy is very subtle, but it is a crucial point for differentiating your options: their philosophy can be what helps you or hinders you from achieving your health and wellbeing goals. 

What are their beliefs on fitness? How are their programs developed? Are their workouts gym-based, outside or at-home? Do they focus on machines, weights or bodyweight? It is important to know these things before you choose a personal trainer as they need to fit in with your personal fitness goals and preferences.


If you have specific goals for your fitness, such as running a marathon or weightlifting, you will want to find a personal trainer who specialises in that specific area. Often, if a personal trainer specialises in an area, they will also be passionate about it, ensuring that they are invested and are knowledgeable in your desired area.


Cost is usually the first thing many consider when comparing potential personal trainers – costs can vary hundreds of dollars depending on experience and certifications. Before you start researching trainers, you should set a budget that you are comfortable with that will allow you to meet your goals without paying outside your means. Some trainers may also offer discounts for purchasing lessons in bulk.


When training, consistency is key, so questioning a personal trainer’s schedule is necessary to understand whether they have the time to help you. You should question how many clients they have and whether they are fully booked. 

Do they have a set time for clients each week, or is there room for regular changes? When do you need to book appointments? What happens if you miss or need to cancel an appointment? What is their cancelation policy?


When considering the location of potential personal trainers, you should consider your personal habits. Do you want someone who is within walking distance or are you fine to drive to see a trainer? Do you want to train in a gym, outside or in the privacy of your home? Do you want one-on-one sessions or group fitness classes? There is a lot to consider, but rest assured there is a trainer for every option out there.


You need to consider how the personal trainer will be tracking your health and fitness to help motivate you and encourage you to achieve your goals. There are a variety of ways to do this, including benchmarks, weight loss, personal bests and more, so ensure that your trainer is not only doing their job of tracking your goals, but tracking them in a way that motivates you to continue.


One of the best ways of knowing a trainer’s reputation is through referrals and firsthand accounts of past client’s results. Seeing results from others is the best form of proof, and if a trainer is happy, they will share their success stories.

It might be overwhelming to choose a personal trainer, but it is crucial that you follow the criteria above to ensure that you find a trainer that will help you achieve your goals, make you feel comfortable and stay motivated throughout your journey. 

Find a trainer who matches what you feel strongly about and, most importantly, trust your gut. Feel free to get in contact with our team for any further questions you might have.

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