The 4 Best Qualities of a Personal Trainer

The personal trainers at DX3 Hawthorn help support and guide clients to reach their fitness goals and change their lifestyle.

Every client has a unique history, with different beliefs, values and levels of knowledge. And as such, it is just as important for our personal trainers to have strong social and interpersonal skills as it is to have a firm understanding of health and fitness. 

When a personal trainer is lacking the common qualities that clients find important, it can have a severe impact on their future relationships and the client’s eagerness to follow any lifestyle changes.

So what are the most common qualities that a client looks for in a trainer, and how does this influence a client’s willingness to reach their fitness goals?

These are the four most common qualities that clients look for in selecting a personal trainer:


Clients love the ability to work with their personal trainer on short notice with a short waiting time. These aspects are closely related to the access a client has to their personal trainer. A personal trainer’s availability should be completely different to the wait times in other health industries, where people can be left waiting for months before seeing a specialist. 

If an appointment isn’t available, clients love being able to easily get in contact with their personal trainer, whether it is by phone or email to help answer any questions or concerns they may have.

We leave all methods of communication open for our clients so they can get in touch with when they need to. Clients like to know when and how they can contact us if they come across any questions about their health and fitness goals.

Outstanding Communication Skills

Clients highly value a personal trainer’s attention within training sessions. They will look for a trainer who excels at listening, and gives clients their full attention while taking any concerns they may have seriously. They won’t ignore their clients feelings and will encourage them to ask questions.

Clients also appreciate when their personal trainer creates a sense of partnership by actively participating in any health care decisions and listening to their opinions and concerns. 

Finally, clients value a personal trainer who provides clear information in a conversational, while direct style.

At DX3 Lifestyle Fitness we focus on active listening and create a workout routine together as a team. We provide open and honest information in regards to their health and fitness in a direct, yet conversational, manner. 

Personality and Demeanor

Clients prefer friendly, personal qualities when looking for a personal trainer. This may include:

  • Friendliness: an easygoing and pleasant bedside manner, but able to push a client when needed
  • Humaneness / caring: a genuine apparent sense of care for the client’s wellbeing and goals
  • Support / understanding: a strong level of empathy and always putting the client’s interests first
  • Trust: clients feel they can trust their health with their personal trainer, and be clear of any potential harm
  • Inclusion of family / children: attentive to family members and honest interest in the family’s health and wellbeing

We go out of our way to show clients that we genuinely care about their wellbeing by being empathetic with their experiences and respectful towards their choices.

Quality of Coaching

On top of valuing personal qualities of a personal trainer and their approach to clients, people will also look for professionals who have a deep knowledge and thorough understanding of the human body. 

People also value a personal trainer that can recommend other healthcare specialists that they trust, or communicate to their current healthcare specialists.

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